55 000 NOK
Artist: Vebjørn Sand
Teknikk: D.G.A – Håndcolorert – Signert
Opplag: 180

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The title of the painting is inspired by a poem of the Jewish poet and Nobel literature prizewinner, Nelly Sachs. The coarse black background of the painting is made with the element of carbon – coal. The massacre in Guernica was the beginning of the subjugation of countless people, that was to accelerate with the Holocaust, and ended with the destruction of people and human worth – the three woman are in different stages of returning to their carbon base.

It was the same Nazi ideology and cynicism that the basques where exposed to, that eventually ended with the Holocaust.

Nelly Sachs was searching for a language that could formulate the suffering of the Jews during WWII. In the poem, she describes how the ashes rising from the extermination camp’s crematorium ovens, will at some point create new stars – in a new life cycle. Sashs did what no one believed was possible; to write poetry after the holocaust. She writes “Und Asche schläft sich neu zur Sternengestalt”.

Rammen er inkludert med bildet.

84 x 100 cm bildeflate
107 x 125 cm yttermål ramme

Bilder kjøpt for 45,000 eller mer leverer Aune hjem til kunde, uansett sted i Norge. Andre kjøp blir sendt per post, vi bekoster porto.

Frame – Sort tre ramme. Høyde 3.5cm bredde 4cm
Glass – Gjenskinn fri glass